This world of filmmaking has definitely been a rollercoaster of sorts. The way I got to where I am has been truly divine. Not that Im a big deal or anything, but when I first started, I never would’ve imagined I would have the opportunities that I have had throughout my career. I am actually glad I did not go to film school. Yes it was a tougher road trying to learn everything as I go, but I get to be a living example that anyone can make it happen if they work at it. I always preach that this is not an industry for just anyone. You really gotta love this stuff to be successful. If not then you’re better off going somewhere else. It’s almost never a glamorous job. Think about it, you’re behind the camera where the audience can never look. I’ve had my fair-share of spotlight playing football in my college days at FIU. Criminal Justice is not exactly a film degree, but at least it’s something. Yeah I didn’t quite get into filmmaking until afterwards. But as I mentioned before, I am happy with the route that I took. So here's to the future!